Evolutionary Energy Solutions

We demonstrate, model, prove and implement renewable energy and energy efficient solutions for business and residential customers.

Solar Plant in Spain

Matthew Wright - Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan


Beyond The Grid hire highly skilled sustainable energy engineers and researchers to produce sophisticated modelling of a building’s heating and cooling performance. This is then converted into software applications that provide easy to use feedback on energy consumption. This software can be customised by us to suit your purposes and licenced from us.

Electric Vehicle and Bike Solar Charging Station - Ceres Environmental Park

Energy Sector Software Solutions

We work with major electricity suppliers to build software solutions for modelling energy use. We have worked with AEMO data and have also created our own data feeds and due to our collective energy sector experience, can provide real-time feedback in areas such as system design and sizing.

Solar cells and wind turbines at Ceres Environmental Park

Energy Sector Modelling and Research

We have hired a team of technically brilliant engineers and researchers that understand highly sophisticated concepts, especially around energy consumption from both traditional sources, and newer energy sources, such as solar and wind power.

Environmental Office at Matthew's house

Performance Reviews and Audits

We perform building audits and performance reviews, to ensure that the best possible energy efficiency and mix are being utilised by the business. We can audit your air conditioning and heating requirements. We also have the ability to perform building air tightness tests, to ensure that there is minimal air leakage from a building.


The cost of alternative energy sources has plummeted in the past few years, and it is now viable to implement alternative energy strategies at home. This does not mean that you need to skimp on how much energy you use, just that there are now more sustainable choices that can be made that are cost effective. Beyond The Grid have a strategy for analysing energy consumption in your home and determine what and where you should invest your dollars. Our interest is in finding the best and most cost effective ways to reduce your overall costs and to suit your budget.

Kicking back and enjoying the amenity of an air-conditioned room

Air Conditioning and Heating

We are about sustainable choices, not about making people feel guilty about the things they want. As such, we have come up with an energy efficient solution for Heating and Air Conditioning. Hydronic and central heating use too much gas, and central heating has too much heat loss. We have done the analysis and come up with a solution that we believe is the most cost effective in the market, it has a built in humidifier, and it runs on electricity! Want to know more? Send us an email: info@beyondthegrid.com.au

Home Energy Review

Household Energy Reports

Our staff can come to your house and provide a review of your energy usage. They can discuss where it is that you would be best spending your hard-earned money to save on energy costs. Some of these can be done straight away, while others provide a return over the medium term. If you’ve done everything already, or nothing turns out to be cost effective, we’ll tell you. But whether its heating, cooking, air conditioning, hot water or even the car you’re driving, we can discuss a better way that suits you. And we don’t take any commissions either.

Ceres Solar Array and Wind Setup

Transitioning off Gas / the Grid

Gas is a left-over from a bygone era. The gas utility companies have been treating us like mugs for too long, hoping that we don’t notice the flat-rate service charges creeping up, while our actual consumption, while costing more, has less of an impact on how much we pay. Even if you choose not to move to solar, it is hard to justify keeping a second energy source for your house given the high cost of connection. We have strategies around getting rid of gas completely. Hot water? Solved. Cooking? Solved. Heating? Solved. And if you’re interested in grid-connected solar electricity or disconnecting completely from the grid, let us know as we’ve effectively done it. Want to know more? Send us an email: info@beyondthegrid.com.au

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